How to do Research

  1. The Ph.D. Grind - One of the most cited Ph.D. experience resource.
  2. The Ph.D. Experience - Another good read!
  3. How to do Research At the MIT AI Lab - Advice from the 1980s which is still valid today!
  4. Advice on writing well for NLP - A few principles worth noting while writing.

Tools for research

  1. - Never lose annotations by stopping annotating on paper and annotating on the web. Allows you to collaborate, supports LaTeX.
    • Liner - Might be a better alternative. No LaTeX support as of yet though.
  2. Evernote - If you want to keep daily logs and have them be searchable, look no further.
  3. RefME - Free reference generator!
  4. puush - Instead of {Screenshot, upload, generate link to image}, just screenshot.
  5. Overleaf - Online collaborative writing and publishing system. LaTeX on the cloud really.